PropFuel is a member engagement platform designed to capture the voice of member and drive action with automated workflows. Our engagement campaigns consist of a series of questions over time that go out to specific groups of people depending on where they are in their member journey.

Examples include New Member Campaigns, Existing Member Engagement, Renewal Campaigns, Lapsed Member Campaigns, Dormant Member Campaigns, Conference/event Campaigns, etc. The email based check-ins usually consist of 1 question embedded into the email for a frictionless user experience. You may have an open-ended or follow-up question on the next page, but the value is not only the insight from the feedback, but even more so the automated actions that take place based on how the person answers the question. The goal is to understand the member needs and respond immediately providing value. For more information, visit

Promotional Offer: To help clients in the COVID environment, 50% "forever" discount for any new client that signs on by the end of May. 

PropFuel Contact:
Ryan Graham
VP, Sales

Click below to hear more about PropFuel from Dave Will: (Bonus entry: What 2 state license plates can you see in this video, tweet and tag #mcthrive.)

Prop Fuel Quiz
Prop Fuel Quiz

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